Characters alive during the reign of Aegon I Edit

Addison Hill

Aegon Targaryen I

Aenys Targaryen I

Aethon Velaryon

Alyssa Velaryon

Argella Baratheon (nee Durrandon)


Brandon Snow

Ceryse Hightower

Corlys Velaryon

Crispian Celtigar

Deria Martell

Edmyn Tully

Elinor Costayne

Gregor Goode

Griffith Goode

Harlen Tyrell


Joffrey Dayne

Jon Mooton

Lodos I

Loren Lannister

Maegor Targaryen I

Manfred Hightower

Marla Sunderland


Meria Martell

Nymor Martell

Orys Baratheon

Osmund Strong

Qhorin Volmark

Quenton Qoherys

Rhaenys Targaryen

Richard Roote

Robin Darklyn

Ronnel Arryn

Salassor Saan

Sharra Arryn

Theo Tyrell

Torrhen Stark

Triston Massey


Vickon Greyjoy

Visenya Targaryen

Wylis Wyl

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