Game Stats Edit

Animal Handling 5 - Ride 5B Charm 1B
Agility 3 - Quickness 2B Dodge 2B
Athletics 5 - Strength 3B
Awareness 3 - Notice 2B Empathy 1B
Cunning 3
Deception 3 - Bluff 2B Disguise 1B
Endurance 5 - Resilience 3B
Fighting 7 - Longblades 5B Lances 3B Shields 2B
Healing 2
Knowledge 4 - Education 2B
Language - Westerosi 4 High Valyrian 4
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 5 - Charm 3B Intimidate 3B Convince 2B
Status 7 - Reputation 5B Tournaments 2B
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 6 - Command 3B Tactics 3B Strategy 3B
Will 5 - Courage 3B Dedication 3B

Derived Stats Edit

Combat Defence: 11 (-2 Scale Mail, +7 Large Shield = 16)
Health: 18
Intrigue Defence: 12
Composure: 15

Weapons and Armour Edit

Blackfyre: 8 Damage (9 Damage Two-Handed) 11k7+2 (Free Degree of success)
Superior Heavy Shield: 4 Damage 8k7+1 (Bulk 1)
Superior War Lance: 13 Damage 9k7+2 (Bulk 1, Impale, Mounted, Slow, Vicious)
Superior Scale Mail: AR:7 AP:-2

Qualities and Drawbacks Edit

Animal Companion: Balerion the Black Dread (+1B when mounted)
Armour Mastery: -1 Bulk, +1AR (Already adjusted)
Attractive: Re-roll up to 3 ones on Persuasion rolls
Authority: Reduce disposition penalty by 2
Blood of Valyria: Status counts as 1 higher when in an intrigue, +2 to Intimidate
Charismatic (Intimidate, Charm): +2 to Intimidate and Charm
Compelling (Intimidate, Charm): +1 Influence to Intimidate and Charm
Dragon Dreams: You have prophetic Visions
Favoured of Nobles: +1B to Persuasion against characters with 4+ Status
Head of House: +2 to Status Tests
Heirloom: Blackfyre
Inspiring: 1 additional Command, sacrifice 1 Comamnd to re-roll
Leader of Men: Automatically organise a disorganised unit or rally 1 Unit
Long Blade Fighter 1: Sacrifice 2B to gain a free degree, enemies with parrying weapons -1 CD
Magnetic: Foes defeated by Charm improve disposition by Charm B
Shield Mastery: Increase defensive bonus of shields by Shields B (Already adjusted)
Respected: Enemies take -1 to Incite, Intimidate and Taunt
Talented (Fighting, Warfare): +1 to all Fighting and Warfare tests (Already adjusted)
Weapon Mastery (Bastard Sword): +1 Damage (Already adjusted)

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